Weather Win or Lose…

Well, I’m not sure…was it the Sports Illustrated jinx?  Or the Outdoor Living Space Odyssey jinx?  Or, just luck finally running out?  Big time.  Anyway you look at it, not a good weekend for Iowa football.  I think we peaked two weeks ago with the Cyclones win over Nebraska and the Hawkeyes win over Michigan State.  But, its not over yet and it shouldn’t detract from the great college football season we’ve had here in Iowa.  And…more to come!  We’re playing into December and January!

Back on topic, though, it was – and we continue to have –  great weather!  Weather where you can still live outdoors!  Weather that inspires you to want to be ouside on your deck.  In your screen porch.   Or 3-season room.  Or 4-season room.  Some people call those sunrooms.  We tend to call them multi-season rooms.  Weather that inspires you to put an extra log on your outdoor fireplace or firepit.  Weather that makes you feel like cooking on that outdoor kitchen on your patio or deck.  In Iowa, weather is a factor when it comes to outdoor living.  But, it doesn’t need to be a detractor.  Too hot in the summer?  Add shade…a pergola, a roof.  Too cold?  Heaters.  Fireplaces. Walls and Windows.  Our designs can incorporate the ameneties you need to maximize your enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces.

And our design process is certainly not dependent on the weather.  Hot, cold, rain, shine, snow, wind…your dining room and our office/showroom are comfortable year-round.  So, if this weather has inspired you to dream about your outdoor living space, don’t hold that thought until spring.

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