Day 1 – 2010 Des Moines Home and Garden Show

Opening day at the 2010 Des Moines Home & Garden Show went very well.  Lots of visitors, lots of interest in our outdoor living structures.  Fun when past clients stop by as well.  Today, when a nice, retired Beaverdale couple whom we did a project for nearly 3 years ago strolled by I recognized their faces…but only his name, not hers.  I said “Vern Kauer, how are you?” and his wife (who’s name I drew a blank on) looked at me and said “How’d you do that?”  Realizing I was now about to let her down, I said “ah, yes…and…uh…Mrs. Kauer.”  After a nice chuckle, we chatted briefly about two things:  One, their recent 18-day cruise from Florida, thru the Panama Canal, to California…and the marvel that is the Panama Canal.  Second, we discussed how their new deck we built for them (just 3 years ago, remember) has already lasted longer than the deck we replaced – built incorrectly from a number of perspectives by a nameless contractor who had since “disappeared.”  Yes, reliving how our relationship started is still a bit painful for the Kauer’s and, no, the Kauer’s weren’t excited about buying their deck again so soon.  But, they were even less excited about buying it the first time.  Archadeck’s reputation, tenure and our warranty and guarantee programs provided the Kauer’s a security they only thought they had the first time.  In fact, this time it was the Kauer’s who skipped the country, not the contractor!

Update on the free admission pass giveaway I last announced and promoted here:  We’re extending the reach and the deadline for the offer.  We’re there all weekend, no need to stop that on Wednesday.  So, a few tickets remain…first come, first serve.  Details on how to get them in the prior blog entry.  Hope to see you there!

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