Day 2 – Part 1 – 2010 Des Moines Home and Garden Show

In the digital, “real time,” instant feedback world we live in today and with all these social media tools at our disposal, you may be wondering why I’m posting these at the end of the day like this…rather than “real-time” as they happen.  Four reasons, really…

  • I could do Twitter tweets from my Blackberry but, honestly…Twitter is eluding me a bit, yet
  • I could do Facebook postings from my Blackberry, but it just doesn’t seem as functional for me on the Blackberry as it does on the PC
  • There’s probably a way to blog on my Blackberry, but I just haven’t looked into that; I do have some deck, 4-season room, pergola and outdoor kitchen projects to design in my spare time
  • (This is the real reason…) The Iowa Events Center’s fee for accessing their wireless network is ridiculously expensive ($100 for the show…$25 per day, in effect).  Shame on them.  Nearly every hotel offers free wireless internet access now…and a hotel room costs a heckuva lot less than what we’re paying for our display space here.  The IEC should take a hint from the rest of the booming tourism and convention industry here in Des Moines and be a little more hospitable to their paying guests.  I live here and it hits a negative note for Des Moines (which I love) with me; imagine what all the out-of-town vendors’ impressions are.  Let see…500 vendors…lets say half have an interest in being “connected” at the show…but none do because its not worth it.  250 times $0 is $0 for the IEC…times a billion conventions, and its still $0.  Now, lets just say they make it reasonably priced…say, even at $10 a day (I might do that)…and half of those interested do it…2 of the 4 days of the show.  125 times $10 times 2 days is $2,500 for the IEC, multiplied by the number of events the IEC supports.  With the servers and capacity just sitting there waiting to do something.  Hmmm….might help pay for that renovation coming up.

Anyway…back to the show.  On the way in tomorrow, I’m going to check out US Cellular’s wi-fi service.

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