Day 2 – Part 3 – 2010 Des Moines Home and Garden Show

OK…now the stuff thats really about the show today…part 3 of 3…

While strolling the aisles, I ran into Roger Theisen, a past client.  Roger and his wife, Cary, have a very nice poolside, Archadeck screen porch, circa 2004 on the back of their Waukee home.  Roger confirmed that the screen porch remains the most popular room in their house…in the neighborhood…in the summer.

Neil and Laurie Barrick came by as well.  I thanked them for allowing a prospective (everntually actual) client to visit their deck project in Johnston late last summer.  We also discussed how the real appreciation for wood-alternative decking projects – in their case, re-decking and re-railing their existing deck (along with some structural and traffic flow improvements) – may not really come until 2 or 3 years after when you realize you haven’t had to power-wash and seal/stain your deck for awhile.  By the way, the Barrick’s have one of the nicest backyard water features I’ve ever seen.

The most common theme heard today:  “Gotta wait for the snow to melt.”  Not necessarily true, though.  Steve & Lisa Zbylicki, who’s deck, 3-season room, patio and pergola project was recently featured in the Jan/Feb issue of Welcome Home magazine, also stopped by our booth this evening.  Steve mentioned that will all the snow, they will have lots of other home projects lined up when spring springs.   Lisa has – and had, 2 years ago – it right.  She said, “The key to getting them done is to start early, makes it so much easier.”  2 years ago, February 5th, 2008, with 6” of snow on the ground, I first met with Steve and Lisa on their project.  And Steve and Lisa had done a lot of design work prior to that.  The thinking…the designing…the planning…all that can generally be done regardless of weather.  And those are the things that make it come out right at the end. 

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  1. Good reading!!!! Love reading your blogs.

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