Day 3 – 2010 Des Moines Home and Garden Show

Saturday…the big crush.  No 3-parter today; too busy to take many notes.  So I’m winging this one…

The day started with a surprise invitation from Sherry Failor at Welcome Home to join her for a quick 5-minute segment on her radio show again this week.  She was broadcasting live from the show today.  Thanks to Sherry for the radio time…again.  And, if you missed our full segment, studio show from last week, Sherry has that replay up on their web site.

We have a promotional piece displayed in our booth that features a unique, arched-iron pergola structure built over a patio by my co-hort, Michael Reeder’s Archadeck of West Columbus (OH) office.  Thats been a popular pergola style across the Archadeck system in the last year or two and Michael has shared design and product insight with us.  That is one of many benefits of being in, and working with, the Archadeck system.  The shared experiences of our system benefits us, as Archadeck custom outdoor living space developers as well as you, our clients.  I was reminded of this in two ways today:

  • A group of people walked by our booth and a woman in the group noticed the pergola promotional piece.  I heard her remark as they walked by: “I do like that.  If we would have seen that before we did ours I would have done that.”  If they had consulted with us about pergolas around Des Moines that we have done and that our co-horts have done around the country, she might have actually gotten the pergola she didn’t know she wanted.
  • I was visiting with a local landscape designer and she was telling me about a pergola she was designing for a prospect.  She said she had found some iron arches to incorporate into the pergola but was encountering both design and budget concerns that were making both her and her prospect a bit skittish towards the project. 

Neither of these cases are, or will be, “horror stories” (but we hear plenty of those at these shows as well).  Both of these pergolas did, or will, turn out nicely, I’m sure.  But, experience counts…in many ways.  Knowing how to listen to and understand a client’s interests and desires.  Knowing how to do something…and doing what you know.  And, knowing how to do it efficiently (cost savings).  Archadeck has been designing and building custom decks, pergolas, screen porches, 3- and 4- season rooms, sunrooms, gazebos and more for 30 years and has had a presence in the Des Moines and Central Iowa areas for 13 years.  We’ve been doing this long enough now that I have may sometimes slip into periods where I take our experience for granted.  Long, snowy winters may contribute to that as well.  But, today I was reminded.  Our experience has made us an industry and thought leader in the world of outdoor living structures and spaces.  And we’re right here in your backyard, Central Iowa. 

One more day to catch us at the 2010 Des Moines Home and Garden Show.  After that, we’ll be back nestled into our office and showroom in Urbandale; you can catch us there, too.

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