Day 4 (final) – 2010 Des Moines Home and Garden Show – Wrap Up

Its a wrap…the 2010 Des Moines Home and Garden Show has come and gone…and so fast.  Tear down tomorrow morning, get the office/showroom put back together and then we’re ready to get back to all the folks who expressed an interest in learning more about what we can do for their outdoor living spaces.  I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Interests continue to run the gamut of the products we design and build.  Many folks are looking for new decks.  Just as many are interested in converting their existing decks from (high-maintenance, splintered, cracked, decaying) wood to (lower-maintenance) composite or PVC decking and railing.  Porches of all kinds (screened, open, front, 3-4 season) are being considered.  Stamped concrete seemed to be the primary interest for patios.  David said he talked to more people about pergolas this year than he remembers in the past.  And, we ran out of our outdoor kitchen flyers, so I think people are ready to get cooking in 2010 as well!

Thanks to all of you who came out to the show these past 4 days…particulary those who came today and braved yet another round of snow and maybe the wrath of your significant other for doing this on Valentine’s Day.  Between those conflicts, not to mention the Daytona 500, the Winter Olympics and likely some “hangover” from the Tim McGraw concert last night, today was not as well attended as we’d normally expect for a Sunday afternoon.  But, we’ve got a year-round (and more robust) “home show” setup at our office and showroom in Urbandale.  And we don’t charge $10 for admission and $6 for parking and our wireless internet service is free.  As are our design consultations.

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