Spring Thaw Follow-Up

As promised, the Des Moines Register’s Spring Thaw promotion is underway (see March 27th blog post as well).  In yesterday’s Sunday Register, the Iowa Life section featured several Spring-themed, “Sprucing Up” articles, including “Updates Add Life to Worn Deck” with nice references to Archadeck of Central Iowa. 

In the sidebar of that article, you’ll see a list of related Spring Thaw stories.  Of particular note is the “Outdoor Furniture Trends Resemble Living Rooms” article.  Yes, once you do have that new, spruced up outdoor living room, you’ll want to have some nice and functional outdoor furniture to go with it.  And, how I just wrote that is how most people think.  But, Archadeck’s proven design process suggests that you to look at it the other way around.  We’ll do that by asking (among other things):  “What outdoor furniture do you want to incorporate into your outdoor living room?”  Your answer (to that, and many other design-oriented questions) may (and generally does) influence the design and layout of your outdoor living spaces, whether its a deck, porch or patio space…or a combination.

That somewhat implies that you select or already have your outdoor furniture before you engage in the design of your outdoor living spaces.  Not necessarily, though it is a good idea to at least have an idea or understanding of what you want in your outdoor living spaces and how you want to live outdoors.  But, even thats not a requirement.  Our design process is structured to help you formulate that along with your plans for your outdoor living spaces.

That discussion was primarily focused on outdoor furniture.  But, the same design concepts also apply to other “things” you want to do or have in your outdoor living spaces.  Grilling/Cooking?….where best does your grill or outdoor kitchen reside?  Hot Tub?  Fireplace or Firepit?  We’ll consider all of these outdoor living amenities during our design process.

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