Deck Moines, not Dead Moines

Halfway thru a beautiful Memorial Day weekend here in Des Moines.  Memorial Day is the “unofficial” kick-off to summer, with the true Summer Solstice still about 3 weeks away.   As mentioned in my prior entry, there is a lot going on in the Des Moines area over the coming months.  And, as mentioned in the Des Moines Register this morning, June is a huge month – “the Mother of All Months for outdoor events.”  

Are they talking about the Hy-Vee Triathlon?  Or, the USA Track and Field Championships?  Or…maybe, your next backyard party?…on your deck, on your patio…grilling, chilling and relaxing.

Here are 5 things to consider when thinking about that next “outdoor event” in your backyard:

  • Sunlight parties will benefit greatly from a shade structure.  A pergola or a roof will give varying degrees of relief from the sun.  Varying with the structure, varying with the time of day, time of year.  Properly placed, properly configured, a pergola or roof will keep you and your guests cool and comfortable under the Iowa sun.  Hang a ceiling fan/light under there to add yet another level of comfort and aesthetics.  All things Archadeck of Central Iowa will consider in the design of your outdoor living spaces.
  • Moonlight parties will benefit greatly from outdoor lighting.  Deck lighting and landscape lighting will illuminate your outdoor living spaces just enough to set the right mood.
  • Wood-alternative decking products are touted for their low-maintenance benefits.  Less work, more life, as TimberTech says.  But, beyond that, I like to say wood-alternative decks are “party-ready” at a moment’s notice.  At any given moment, I would contend that a wood-alternative deck will look “cleaner” than a wood deck…”cleaner” meaning less splinters (none, actually), more color (unless you have a grey composite), among other things.  There is also the plastic/fake versus natural debate not to mention the increased cost of a wood-alternative deck over a wood deck (approx 50%).  So, there are cases for both.  But, “party ready”…wood alternative decks win hands down on that point in my opinion.
  • Inside our homes, our kitchen/dining areas generally become the “congregation” point for family gatherings as well as entertaining. Other than your bed and your favorite sofa/lounger, I would bet the kitchen island bar is the net most popular piece of furniture in your home.  An Archadeck custom outdoor kitchen unit can re-create this environment outside.  L-shaped and Galley styles of outdoor kitchens allow easy integration of dining areas and grilling areas, while at the same time keeping them separate.
  • “In Iowa?”  Doing what I do, I’ll admit to hearing that more than I’d like in response to my championing of some of these outdoor living concepts in a state where people are so weather sensitive…in a state that gets every bit of the four seasons Mother Nature offers.  But, keep in mind…the same thing could be (probably has been) said of all these great events Des Moines and Central Iowa is hosting…and are trying to host:  Olympic Trials…in Iowa?  NASCAR racing…in Iowa?  World-class arts and music festivals…in Iowa?  Yes.  Des Moines, not Dead Moines.  Outdoor Kitchens…in Iowa…Des Moines, Urbandale, Ankeny Johnston?  Yes.  Custom outdoor living rooms…in Iowa…in West Des Moines, Clive, Ames, Pella.  Yes. 

Go Outside and Play, Des Moines.  Deck Moines.  Not Dead Moines.

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