On Deck: Miss Iowa or Archadeck?

I understand why so many of you are disappointed with the outdoor living spaces you have on and around your Des Moines area homes.  I mean, its like you want and expect to have an attractive, functional and structurally sound deck, porch, sunroom, pergola or outdoor kitchen like those designed and built by Archadeck of Central Iowa.  But, instead, you have a space that looks like it was built by… Miss Iowa.

My apologies to Miss Iowa, Katherine Connors.  No insult intended; just fun…like outdoor living is supposed to be.  I mean, have you seen her, whats not to like?  I agree with former Iowa Cub, now Washington Nationals, pitcher Miguel Batista…she is gorgeous.  And, if she can throw a first pitch, I’m sure she can hammer a first nail, too!

What the heck am I talking about?  If you don’t know…check these out:

So…all in fun. 

If you want a deck or other outdoor living space as attractive and gorgeous as Miss Iowa… if you want a screen porch or sunroom or other outdoor living room as functional and sound as a Nolan Ryan fastball/curve ball combo (my apologies to Stephen Strasburg and Miguel Batista as well)…if you want outdoor living accessories, like a pergola or an outdoor kitchen…hit a home run with a custom designed and built project by Archadeck of Central Iowa.

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