Labor Day Celebrates “Labor” (not the end of summer); Deck Building Continues after the Celebration

Are you celebrating the Labor Day weekend outdoors?  It’s a beautiful weekend (though a light rain is falling from mostly blue skies as I write this…hmmm) here in the Des Moines area; your decks, patios, screen porches, outdoor kitchens and pools are calling:  “Come use me!”   

Labor Day weekend.  The Iowa State Fair is behind us.  School is back in session.  College football kicked off this last week.  And, with good showings by both the Iowa State University Cyclones and University of Iowa Hawkeyes,  the upcoming annual in-state rivalry game is sure to bring our state to a standstill this coming week.  As all these things unfold, “Where did the summer go?” is a common mindset this time of year. 

As one of your biggest promoters of outdoor living here in our wonderful state, I’m here to remind you:

  • Summer isn’t over yet.  Technically, its summer until the Autumnal Equinox which occurs September 21st.   Then its Fall.  And, then there’s that Indian Summer thing.
  • Labor Day is not a celebration of the end of summer.  It’s a celebration of laborers…what this country is built on.  Whether you’re a deck builder in Des Moines or Ames, a car builder in Detroit or St. Louis, a PC maker in Silicon Valley or Austin, this country was built on hard work.  Short of sounding like a Chevy truck commercial, I think you can see what I’m getting at.  We’ve worked hard to get where we are, lets celebrate that. 
  • Boys are still playing baseball…and they’re often referred to as the “Boys of Summer.” (Kudos to Don Henley for bringing his Eagle boys to town!)
  • Fall does not start when the Iowa State Fair ends.  Fall does not start when school starts (although in some parts of the country, its closer).  Fall does not start when the first football game is kicked off.
  • Even when Fall does start, it’s a beautiful time to enjoy your home by living outdoors.  Tailgate at home on your deck, porch or patio; no better time to put your grill or outdoor kitchen to use.  Enjoy views of the colorful foliage from your multi-season room or deck.  Flip on your natural gas outdoor fireplace to take the chill off the evening air while out on your deck, patio or porch.  Or, put an extra log in your firepit….roast a few marshmallows.

If you’ve got all those spaces and rooms and accessories to enjoy the Central Iowa outdoors with over the coming months – do it!  Go Outside and Play! 

If you don’t have those spaces, rooms or accessories for optimal outdoor living, I’m also here to remind you that fall and winter are great times to have those designed and built for you by Archadeck of Central Iowa.  We think “outdoors” year-round.  We do have some mid-late Fall building opportunities still available and we do build thru winter, depending on the project and Mother Nature’s mood.   In any case, we can have you out on your new deck for that first nice weekend next Spring…which starts with the Spring Equinox on March 21stOr, if it’s a sunroom or 3-season or 4-season room you desire, maybe you can watch the Iowa Hawkeyes’ and ISU Cyclone’s football bowl games in there.  Or, the Super Bowl.  Or the Daytona 500.  Or maybe just a nice, mid-winter movie-and-popcorn night.  And that outdoor kitchen…configured properly, it can be used year-round as well.

It’s still summer, Central Iowa!  Plenty of time left to enjoy our great outdoors…and to build (labor) outdoors.  Plenty of time to have your deck, porch, patio and other outdoor living spaces, rooms and accessories upgraded for more enjoyment and value.  Archadeck of Central Iowa, your custom outdoor living space developer, can show you how; contact us to learn more.    

2 responses to “Labor Day Celebrates “Labor” (not the end of summer); Deck Building Continues after the Celebration

  1. Great ideas for enjoying the great outdoors.

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