2011 – A Great Year to Go Outside and Play!

How many of you were out enjoying your porches, patios and decks around Des Moines yesterday?  61-degrees on December 30th?!?!?  Wow!  Unfortunately, its only a short reprieve from winter.   But, compared to last year, we can hardly complain.  Plus, we’re back to winter today.

Cheers to Outdoor Living in 2011!

Today…December 31st, 2010.  New Years Eve.  Another chapter closed, another one awaits.  It’s a reflective and optimistic time for me.  It’s a time where we tend to review and categorize our lives into “lists;” lists of top music, top books, top movies, top…decks, porches, patios…from the past year.  Not to mention the dreaded lists of personal resolutions and business goals for the new year.

From the outdoor living business perspective, the problem with any “top” lists of projects I might compile is the definition of “top.”  Every client’s project, be it a railing replacement project or a combination deck, patio and porch project –  is important to our client…and to me.  So, I’d prefer not to rank them in any “top” order.  Everybody has different reasons and resources for undertaking an outdoor living space project.  My job is to make them all successful in that they meet our clients’ needs, desires and expectations. 

A representative sampling of 2010 Outdoor Living Spaces by Des Moines' Archadeck

But, its human nature to compare, judge, rank and otherwise critique…everything. Its probably why “American Idol” is so popular (though, I wouldn’t really know…I’ve never watched it).  Its also human nature to want to make good impressions and put your best foot forward…when the time and situation is appropriate.  Year-end lists may be that time.  To be honest, I could do that pretty quickly with the porch, patio, pergola and deck projects we do around Des Moines…I do have “favorites” every year.  But, it would be more fun to do this from a consensus of “fans” rather than just me.  So, a resolution for next year will be to find a way to do this.  Actually, I know of some ways…maybe a Facebook poll?  The issue is finding or making the time.  A first step in that direction will be to open up our Facebook page to fan postings and thats a resolution I’ll be working on in the coming weeks.

In lieu of that this year, I instead offer you two alternatives:

  • A 2010 Year In Review Video on our YouTube channel.   I did this last year and that 2009 Year In Review video has been one of the most-watched videos on our channel.  Though maybe as much for the nice George Harrison music as the nice pictures of outdoor living spaces. around Des Moines and Central Iowa.  Nice pictures are easy, picking the music is the hard part.
  • The Top 3 (5? 10?) Archadeck Outdoor Living Designs for Des Moines and the Central Iowa Area…That Got Away in 2010.  In other words, designs that actually didn’t come to fruition.  Yet.  For any number of reasons. 

But…you have to wait a few days for these.  Two reasons:

  • Both of these require some review of the many deck, porch, patio, pergola and outdoor kitchen proposals and sales made this year and compile that list into presentation here and on our YouTube channel.  Again, the issue is time…this will take some of that.  So, give me that, and I’ll get back to you soon.
  • Another resolution for 2011 will be to write shorter blogs, but to blog more frequently.

2010 was a good year for Archadeck of Central Iowa.  We saw a nice turnaround from the recessionary fallout of 2008 – 2009.  I think this speaks volumes to the value of outdoor living – and Central Iowan’s appreciation of that.  I think it also speaks to our leadership in this outdoor living space, both here in the Des Moines area and nationally.  When done right, expanded and enhanced outdoor living spaces continue to be popular and functional expressions of how we live in and enjoy our homes.  New products and materials continue to evolve to provide a wide variety of stylistic and outdoor lifestyle options…2011 promises even more of this.   Archadeck is focused on integrating outdoor living spaces, rooms and accessories into custom designs that fulfill our clients’ outdoor living needs and desires.  We look forward to continuing – and expanding  – that in 2011.  Stay tuned.

Happy New Year, Des Moines, Central Iowa and to readers of “An Outdoor Living Space” everywhere!  2011 is going to be a great year to “Go Outside and Play!”

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  1. Very nice.

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