Don’t Look Back – Look Forward to Outdoor Living, Des Moines

In my December 31st posting, I offered to post a Top-something List of Archadeck Outdoor Living Designs for Des Moines and the Central Iowa Area…That Got Away in 2010.  My thought then was that it would feature some deck, porch and patio designs we did for Des Moines area folks…that didn’t actually come to fruition, for any number of reasons.  At least not yet. 

In hindsight, that wasn’t such a good idea. I don’t know what I was thinking then.  Maybe I got a little too sentimental in my year-end reflections on 2010.  Maybe I was into the champagne a little early on New Years Eve.  Regardless, I’m going to slightly alter my approach on this.  Two reasons:

  • Even at a high level, some outdoor living design effort and time is inherently necessary to provide both me and you, as my prospective client, a true understanding of a project under consideration – including its look, its nuances, its options, its costs.  I get vested in your project…your backyard becomes my canvas…if even for a short time.  So, it can be a painful process looking back on the ones that got away.  Sometimes its just best to let them go…don’t look back…a lesson from the Bible and a great song/album by John Lee Hooker (with help from Van Morrison).  (And you thought I was going to say Boston, didn’t you?)
  • For various reasons – some obvious, some not – we don’t give our designs away.  We’re glad to consult with prospective clients on design options for their deck and other outdoor living space needs and desires.  We’ll even do a fair amount of design and spend a fair amount of time with you reviewing various features, material options and cost ranges.  Depending on scope, sometimes we do request a design retainer or commitment deposit before getting into the full detail of the design.  And we’re certainly happy – its our purpose, really –  to go forward with finalizing a design and actually building it for you to the specifications you select, your City will approve of and with the proven standards of quality we bring to the process.  But, to be openly honest, we’re not happy to give you the design specifications and plans…so that someone else can build our design for you.  Could someone do that with what I had considered putting up here?  Likely not, but as a matter of principle…plus the champagne has worn off now, I’m not going to do give any designs away here. 

But, I did offer to give you some designs that hadn’t come to fruition…yet.  I can still do that.  Carefully, but with 4 “real world” cases…

  • Below is a “progession” picture of an Urbandale patio and deck project that we sold late in 2010.  We completed all the ground work…the footings, the patio…before winter really set in.  We’ll be able to finish this over the winter as weather allows.  This client will be enjoying their new outdoor living space as soon as Spring allows in 2011. 

  • Below is an upcoming Des Moines front porch project.  For various legitimate and agreeable reasons, this project was held for construction until just recently; we’re hoping to get it started in the coming weeks as weather allows.

  • I did look back at some designs that we didn’t sell.  Some I could bear to show easier than others…for varying reasons that likely only make sense in my mind.  This one – an open porch design for a Des Moines area homeowner –  was easy, though.  I think because I really liked this one…open porches are my personal favorite…and it “clicked” for lack of a better word.  In fact, it “clicked” so much, it’s a shame not to share it. 

  • This one…not so easy.  I’m not saying it didn’t “click”…in fact, it “clicked” many times over.  And because of that, it (or some derivative “click” thereof) deserves to be shown…and built. 

So, to close out our 2010 reviews, you’ve now got :

  • our 2010 Year-In-Review video of some completed outdoor living space projects we did around the Des Moines and Central Iowa area
  • a behind-the-scenes look at some outdoor living space designs that didn’t get built…yet

There are many more where both of those came from….and more waiting ahead in 2011…maybe yours. Go Outside and Play!

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