On the Fast Track to Outdoor Living

Its been a busy 2 weeks its been for Archadeck of Central Iowa

St. Augustine, FL - George St.

2 weeks ago the Archadeck franchise system gathered in Palm Coast, Florida, for our annual workshop.  The 3-and-a-half-day event included meetings to review both current and future initiatives to keep Archadeck at the forefront of outdoor living trends and as the nationwide leader in this field.  The workshop also allows us to re-connect with our peers and share personal and professional experiences that strengthen both our friendships and our respective businesses.  We also managed a quick day-trip up to St. Augustine, the oldest city in America.  At our awards banquet, awards are presented to various to top performers across our system.  I am proud and honored for Archadeck of Central Iowa to be included in some of these again:

Archadeck of Central Iowa 2011 Awards

  • For the second straight year, our local, central-iowa.archadeck.com web site was voted the best web site within the Archadeck system.  I do work hard to organize our site to give folks around the Des Moines market area a good sense of who we are and what we design and build (decks, porches, 3- and 4-season rooms, pergolas, patios, outdoor kitchens and more).  Its nice to see that recognized…in various ways…
  • It was reported, that on a percentage basis, the Central Iowa Archadeck Outdoor Living market saw sales increase over 2009 at the second highest rate within our system.   Maybe that nice web site helps!  Maybe you nice folks around Des Moines are to thank!  Maybe our attention to design and detail and to our clients’ needs plays some part…
  • Archadeck of Central Iowa continued its string of Outstanding Customer Satisfaction Awards again this year.  This award is offered to, basically, “A” performers based on our post-completion customer survey responses for the year and we achieved this level again in 2010. This award is the one we are most proud of and the one we strive hardest for.  Again, thanks to our clients for recognizing our efforts.  We may not always get it “perfect,” but it is our goal.

Archadeck's Outdoor Living Display at 2011 Home and Garden Show

Straight off the return flight from our national workshop, I finished up the weekend run of the Des Moines Home and Garden Show at Hy-Vee Hall.  Thanks to my brother, David, and nephews, Jonathon and Lucas, for setting up and kicking the show off while I was attending our national workshop.  This years’ show seemed one of the stronger ones in a while and we enjoyed talking to a lot of folks around the Des Moines and Central Iowa areas about their outdoor living space plans.  At times, we may have been overwhelmed with the crowds and likely didn’t get to everybody.  So hopefully, you picked up our information and we look forward to your call back.

This last week we spent hitting the first of the design consultation visits from the Home and Garden Show traffic; many more coming up this week.  We also

Re-Working the Archadeck of Central Iowa Showroom for 2011

 focused on getting our office and showroom in shape for the upcoming season.  We’ve re-worked our showroom again a bit to lay down and show some of the new decking and railing products that have come out since fall, particularly in TimberTech’s Earthwood Evolutions decking and Radiance railing lines.  I think you’re going to like what you’ll see there…and on your deck or porch! 

I think what made all this seem even more intense was the nice weather we’re having for mid-February in Iowa.  73-degrees last Thursday!  Wow.  I’m not one to ever complain about that, but that just seemed to amp everybody up about getting outdoors again….and it made it seem like its April or May already.  I felt like I lost 2 months…2 months I can’t afford to lose this time of year.  I realize its only a mirage, so to speak…it will all catch up in time.  But, it was a nice little jolt for me and it certainly turned up the heat on a lot outdoor living plans.  I love it!

Daytona 500

And speaking of things going by fast…enjoy today’s Daytona 500!  That new, 200mph game of leap frog they’re playing will make that an interesting race.  Kinda feels like how my last 2 weeks felt!

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