The Value of Nice Outdoor Living Spaces – Helping Make Nice Homes Happen

A comment I frequently overheard in our booth at the Home & Remodeling Show last weekend by people reviewing some of the pictures in our display, went something like “Oh, those are really nice homes.”  Often times it was followed by a “…though.”  The implication then being  “Oh, my house isn’t nice enough to have one of Archadeck’s fine decks, porches or patios on my home.”  One nice lady from Des Moines actually went so far as to ask me if we had pictures of outdoor living projects we’ve done on “just a plain ol’ home.”

The project pictures we selected to put on our display exhibit are certainly there to show our best side, so to speak.  At the same time, they were selected to be representative of the types of outdoor living projects designed and built by Archadeck of Central Iowa.  For example, the display includes:

Archadeck TimberTech Low-Maintenance Deck Project, Altoona

So, despite the thoughts behind some of those comments, our projects are designed and built for a wide variety of home styles, home values and for people – like you – representative of Central Iowa as a whole.  And, we leave a nicer home behind when we’re done than what it was when we started…regardless of where it started.    I realized I missed an opportunity with some of these folks at the show…

The outdoor living spaces, rooms and accessories that we design and build are one of the very things that make a “really nice home” or that make a home one that’s not “just a plain ol’ home.”  So, to that latter comment, I guess maybe it is hard to find one of our project pictures from a “plain ol’ home” after we’ve been there.  Maybe she had better luck at another booth. 😉

Seriously, what this made me realize (again) is that its often hard to appreciate what we do and what we provide in value to our clients without first seeing what we started with.  It reminded me (again) that I need to get a nice before/after gallery up in our photo gallery on our web site.  In lieu of that, I linked that to the web site of our Boston office of Archadeck (Thanks, Jim!) as a representation of what ours will ultimately show.  In addition, here are the before/after images of the 3 projects noted above and seen on our home show display:

Screen Porch and Deck, Urbandale

Open Porch, Deck, Patio, Des Moines

3-Season Room, Deck, Stamped Concrete Patio, Pergola, West Des Moines

The true value of outdoor living comes in having a safe, structurally sound, functional and attractive living space that is an asset to your home’s value and to your lifestyle.  And, one that “fits” your home and your lifestyle.  That doesn’t happen by just hiring someone to build the same deck they build for everyone else (or the same one you have) or to build it off a napkin while they’re there building.  It happens by paying attention to homeowners’ ideas, styles and lifestyle and applying that information to the detail of the project design.  It happens by following industry-recognized standards and procedures in the design and building process.  It happens by using someone experienced in all these areas who will warrant and guarantee their performance.

Archadeck makes it happen. 

And when we’re done, you’ve got a really nice outdoor living space.  On a really nice home.  Or so it would seem.

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