Boone Sunroom Goes Beyond Words

Carolyn doesn’t know this (yet), but I almost didn’t go to Boone.

Who’s Carolyn, you ask, and what was in Boone?

Check out the “Built With Love” feature in the January / February 2012 edition of Welcome Home Des Moines magazine for the answers.  Thanks to Sherry Failor and her Welcome Home Des Moines staff for the very fine coverage.  And, a very special thanks to Carolyn for allowing us to be a part of her project.

For reasons I can’t entirely explain, I almost declined Carolyn’s invitation to participate in her 4-season room project.  But once I got there, I couldn’t leave.  Literally.  Carolyn’s is the only yard I’ve had to “break out” of from a design consultation visit.  I was certain her neighbors were going to have me arrested as I scaled the 6’ privacy fence surrounding her back yard.  I was also certain I was going to be attacked by Carolyn’s two dogs and freeze to death if I didn’t risk that Great Escape.

Needless to say, Carolyn’s sunroom project had a tenuous beginning for me.  But, that paled in comparison to the beginning the project had for Carolyn.  Plus, I was joking about the dogs (they are nice…and were inside…which makes them nicer).  Not that we take any of our Des Moines-area outdoor living projects lightly, but I soon realized there was more riding on this project in Boone than most.  Not so much from complexity or scope or material or dollars or anything you’d normally associate with a project of this nature.  But rather…from emotion.  Gut-wrenching emotion.  From life-altering events that can make one question the very meaning of life.

And you want to build a room from that?

In the Welcome Home article, Carolyn was kind enough to say I understood that.  That took me back a bit and caused some reflection on my part.  Two things stood out:

  • From my vantage point, going into hundreds of homes every

    Home is Important

    year, I can’t help but see…in many different ways, for many different reasons…that homes are important. Like Carolyn, my wife calls “home” her “sanctuary.”  What you do and put into/around your home is important.  How you use your home and its surrounding spaces is important…to you, your family, your lifestyle.  My Archadeck experience has taught me many things, not the least of which is that what we, as Archadeck, are doing is important from that perspective.  I don’t take that responsibility lightly.

  • In my own family, we’ve seen a situation similar to Carolyn’s…a wife, a mother, a family…losing a husband, a father…to an uncontrollable illness…at an inexplicably early age…left to maintain a family…maintain a home.   Unfortunately, Carolyn and my sister-in-law, Julia, are just two of countless stories like this – I’m sure you have your own.  But, these stories often also highlight the strength of the human spirit – and that inspires me – and hopefully you, too.

As I told Carolyn recently, her project goes beyond words for me.  As shown in the photos below, Archadeck provided the sticks, glass, stone and the plan to put it together.  But, Carolyn made the room.   Carolyn provided the inspiration.

Of course, I want to build a room from that.

Before - During - After - Exterior Views of 4-Season Room

Before - During - After - Interior Views of 4-Season Room

Boone Sunroom with a View - During - After

4 responses to “Boone Sunroom Goes Beyond Words

  1. What a wonderful article by such a great person that I am proud to say I know. He, his business and his family are such an inspiration to so many people.

  2. That is one great room. We have a screened in porch that I would love to modify into a 4-season room so that we would be able to enjoy it all year long.

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