For Sale: Central Iowa Outdoor Living At Its Best!

Want to Avoid this Hassle?

Want to Avoid this Hassle?

Normally, a multi-day – and even multi-week (for larger projects) – construction process is necessary for you to have a brand new Archadeck outdoor living space. But, here is a rare opportunity to own a new, beautiful, low-maintenance deck, porch and patio, custom designed and built by Archadeck…without the hassle of construction! Magic. Bang. There it is…right in your Central Iowa backyard.

I know many of our hundreds of past clients would have liked that opportunity.   But, this opportunity is very unique (first time in 12 years)…and fleeting.

“How?” you ask. “Got to be a trick,” you say.

The magical space “appeared” over the winter and spring of 2014-15 and includes a deck, open porch and fire pit patio area overlooking a pond in a Waukee neighborhood, west of Des Moines. TimberTech Earthwood Evolutions capped-composite decking provides beautiful and low-maintenance enjoyment of the deck and porch area. The stamped concrete patio with Rockwood Wall Stone for the firepit and seat walls as its focal point, is surrounded by raised planter beds in the same wall stone.

Waukee, from Archadeck Open Porch

Waukee, from Archadeck Open Porch

It’s a beautiful place to start the day with morning coffee under the canopy of the porch.   Catch some mid-day rays on the open deck and grill a delicious lunch or dinner meal. A drink around a cozy fire on the patio caps the day. And weekends…this space was made for weekends! Plenty of outdoor space for entertaining larger groups of family or friends.

Stamped Concrete Patio with Fire Pit, Seat Wall

Stamped Concrete Patio with Fire Pit, Seat Wall

Its exactly the space our clients envisioned and they love it. They would also love for you to buy their new Archadeck outdoor living space! And…the home that goes with it.

For Sale - Best backyard in Waukee!

For Sale – Best Backyard in Waukee!

While our clients love their porch and patio and all its surroundings, a career opportunity is leading them to change their surroundings even more than what we did to their backyard. Their opportunity came a bit unexpectedly…and just as we were nearing completion of the build of their project.   The phone call went something like “Harold, we need you to hurry up and get this done. We’re moving to Alabama in June and we need to put our house up for sale. We’d like to enjoy the space a few times before we leave.”

ReMax Real Estate Group

ReMax Real Estate Group

So, “enjoy” they have (a few times) and “moving” they are (in two weeks…to Auburn, Alabama). Their Waukee home was recently put up for sale. And you have the opportunity to buy it…and the (brand) new outdoor living space that goes with it.  The home is listed with Re/Max Real Estate Group. I can’t help but notice the listing shows nearly as many pictures of the backyard outdoor features as it does the interior. I’m not saying it’s the best part of the home, but…you can Go Outside and Play there!

Archadeck Custom Design

Archadeck Custom Design

Our clients were great to work with as they collaborated with us over the course of a couple of years to make sure they got their project “right.”   We all expected them to enjoy the space for years to come. But, this move is good for them and we wish them the best in their new endeavors in Alabama. They are leaving a great backyard – a great home – for someone else. We’re all here to leave the world a better place than we found it, right? Our clients did that. I thought the least we could do here was to promote this project from the perspective of helping our clients ease their transition to Alabama by attracting potential new owners of their home through a new Archadeck-inspired backyard.

So, if you’re in the market for a hone in the Des Moines area, check out the Re/Max Real Estate Group listing for our client’s home in Waukee. If beautiful vistas, and the outdoor spaces to enjoy them from, are high on your list of must-haves, then this home should be high on your list of must-haves.

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