Tranquility – Room With A View

For a long time, we’ve used the tag line “Room With A View” to promote our outdoor living structures. Our 2004 national ad featured this tag line over what is still one of our most striking projects – a beautiful Ipe deck with a white pergola.  The word “room” certainly implies a traditional walled/roof structure…a screen porch, a sunroom, a 3- or 4-season room.  An open porch would be a “room” with a roof, but no (visible) wall; railings may serve as a boundary to the room.  We consider a deck a “room” as well…just one that doesn’t have (visible) walls (maybe railing) or a roof.  In fact, a deck could be multiple rooms…an outdoor kitchen area, an outdoor dining room in another area and an outdoor living room for your outdoor furniture in yet another, maybe each segregated by different levels or planters or benches. 

Archadeck of Central Iowa custom designs and builds all of these outdoor living spaces here in the Des Moines and Central Iowa area.  Nationally, we do this in approx 70 other markets where Archadeck franchise offices operate.  And, Archadeck has been doing this for 30 years.  Our “Rooms With A View” concept has caught on…we are North America’s largest deck and porch builder with over 75,000 custom designed/built “rooms with a view.”  Our projects have graced the covers and pages of national and local magazines, from This Old House to Welcome Home, and have been featured on HGTV.

 But, I think NASA may have trumped us.  As it turns out, designing and building a “room with a view” is rocket science.  NASA’s latest space shuttle mission delivered a 7-window cupola addition (we’d call this a sunroom) to the space station.  The room was christened Tranquility and was installed earlier this week (  The first pictures are just coming in, from all places…Twitter (

 So, if NASA recognizes the value and functionality of a “room with a view,” shouldn’t you?  NASA designed and built a sunroom to look like a natural extension of the space station and for the lifestyle of the astronauts on board the station.  Archadeck can do the same for you back here on planet Earth…right here in Des Moines, Iowa, USA, and vicinity.  We’ll custom design and build an outdoor “room with a view” that will be a natural extension of your home and will enhance your lifestyle at home.  We’ll bring tranquility to your own backyard.

 Enjoy the home you’re in…and the Big Sky above it.  Start living outdoors.

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